Vital Information On Auto Detailing In Forest Hill

Any car owner naturally wishes to maintain his or her car in a good condition for a long time. Auto detailing is a process that will ensure you achieve this with ease. The process entails the use of special tools to clean the vehicle. This will help make sure that the interior and exterior of your car is cleaned in the best way possible. At Reflected Images Custom Detailing, we conduct the process with proficiency because of the years of experience we have gained throughout our working years in auto detailing in Forest Hill.

Our services include basic cleaning, color enhancement or correction, RI signature Prep Packages, ceramic coating, paint protection film, paint-less dent repair, and window tint. Under the basic detailing package, we strive to offers services that will ensure both the exterior and interior of a car is thoroughly cleaned to revive the vehicle into peak conditions. Color enhancement, on the other hand, entails increasing the depth of the paint job and color vibrancy in a crucial process of paint polishing and correction.

Those who have a taste of luxurious living will not be left behind, because we have the RI signature prep packages, which are the ultimate luxury experience. The packages offer top priority to all inspections and work. There are four types of these packages and each type has its uniqueness. This includes the ultimate new car prep, RI Porsche exclusive, Tesla new car prep, and new car prep.

Our firm offers ceramic coatings which are the best element for car protection. It can be applied to any paint surfaces inclusive of matte finishes. We will also apply paint protection film to your vehicle to ensure that the car is protected from stone chips, dents, and also rocks.

Clients intending to protect the interior of their vehicles from the rays of the sun can consider window tint. We offer premium window tinting options to choose from. The other services we provide have various benefits that you will enjoy. They include restoring the general glow of a car’s paint, as well as ensuring that the headlights can run for a very long time.

As an experienced firm that has been in this business for many years, we are always ready to serve you in the best way possible. Our prices are also affordable to car enthusiasts and owners who know the significance of this process. Remember your satisfaction is our main concern.

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