Best Times To Schedule Automotive Paint Enhancement In Baltimore

Ceramic coatings for luxury cars give already eye-catching vehicles truly unforgettable aesthetics. If you’re looking for a unique and long-lasting way to either spice up your ride or restore it, Reflected Images can help. We offer a detailing, ceramic coatings, and paint correction services for hot rods, exotic cars, historic autos, and more. Read on to discover the best times to schedule automotive paint enhancement in Baltimore.

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, CQuartz ceramic coating will restore your auto to a like-new condition with brilliant results. In fact, it will make your ride look better than ever. These paint enhancements cover all blemishes and give vehicles a truly mesmerizing shine. You can choose from an expansive range of colors and can even add a little sparkle for extra appeal.

Another great time to schedule one of our treatments is right before selling. We can make your carefully preserved classic look completely original and new. With a “fresh-off-the-assembly-line” appearance, you’ll find that your car quickly attracts multiple qualified and motivated buyers. You can command a higher asking price by simply mentioning your paint enhancements in ads or in pre-sale negotiations.

We recommend adding enhancements to paint on older autos as they offer added protection against corrosion. If you intend to take your historic car out, you want to make sure that grit, grime, and other abrasive debris aren’t causing your paint to flake off. Some paint enhancements even safeguard steel components from road salts, brine, and other corrosive de-icing agents.

If you’re just now completing a major automotive restoration project, give us a call. We can apply the finishing touch with bright colors, special embellishments, and added stream. If you’re in Baltimore, MD and need automotive paint enhancement, contact Reflected Images to request a personalized and truly hassle-free quote.

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