Stages Of Bel Air MD Car Paint Enhancement

Are you looking for Bel Air MD car paint enhancement? Reflected Images Custom Detailing boosts of trusted automotive paint enhancement service providers. Call 443-740-5846 today to schedule an appointment. No doubt that you don’t want your vehicle to have a dull color or scratches and dents. Here’s a guide on what to expect during this process.


This is the initial step. It’s critical before any work starts on the vehicle. It involves examining the auto and assessing if any coloring work has been done on it before. It also includes checking out if there are any marks or scratches and areas that need correction.

Surface Preparation

The surface of the auto needs to be prepared. This involves cleaning it up to get rid of dirt, grease or any other particles on it. We also decontaminate the surface by washing it. Use gentle detergents that won’t affect the color. Any stubborn dirt remnants can be scratched off.


Blocking off some areas on the car, so that they don’t get colored is essential. The rotators used on the surface are large and may be challenging to use on corners and edges. Hence, covering such areas will prevent spillovers.


The next stage of automotive paint correction is polishing. The end result of this is a smooth and shiny surface. Any flaws will be removed. We use either a dual-action polisher or a rotary polisher.


The next step is protecting the surface against sun rays and oxidation. This makes it possible to keep your vehicle looking new for as long as possible. Some things that are used to protect the surface are sealants or ceramic coatings. It largely depends on your budget.

Deep Repairs

This deals with any deep scratches that need to be fixed. Color is applied to the affected area, it’s sanded and then polished till smooth.

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