Facts About Car Paint Protection In Forest Hill, MD

Regardless of the age of your automobile or truck, it is helpful to be certain it always looks clean and unmarred. The products which are able to extend the life of the paints are the focus of a car owner’s search. Are you looking for information about car paint protection in Forest Hill, MD? Do you need a finish that will last on your automobile? Reflected Images has the latest and best products and services in the entire service area. We have the skills to take care of the required detailing elements.

Reflected Images offers basic detailing, which includes elements such as correction and enhancement of the surface color, RI Signature prep process, ceramic coatings, a protective film, window tint and paintless dent repair. Our basic detailing service is intended to enhance your vehicle’s exterior and interior, as well as to enhance its appearance to optimum condition. The basic inter/exterior elements include a proper hand wash, using pH-balanced shampoos and wheel cleaner, door jambs are cleaned and wiped and interior surfaces are dusted, cleaned and wiped.

The interior and exterior glass is cleaned. We then dress the tires with a non-greasy and non-sling formula. We treat the exterior with a gloss spray wax to ensure short term protection. If you add the same package with sealant, we clay the exterior to remove any surface contaminants. This is followed by one step light polish with little or not swirl removal.

A variety of additional services are available from the professionals at Reflected Images. Painting surface correction and enhancement will increase the glossiness, depth, gloss and vibrant color of your automobile, truck or car’s exterior. You can request single or multi-step paint upgrading and polishing if the surface is applicable. Most of the same tasks are completed in this type of package as in the basic detailing package. A single step process requires one to two days; a multi-step package requires two to three days.

Further items in our portfolio can be seen in before and after photos on the website. The tasks which the professionals provide include full paint correction/interior/ceramic coating which consists of (CQuartz Finest Reserve). The highest quality paint protection film can be applied to further enhance the appearance of your vehicle. A paint protection film enhances the investment in the vehicle. Where applicable, we can provide tinted windows.

When you are looking for suggestions about automotive ceramic coatings in Forest Hill, MD, we have answers. Call 443-740-5846 today to schedule an appointment!

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