COVID-19 Update

To our Valued Clients, Business Partners, and Vendors, as we all have been witnessing an unprecedented, nation-wide and global event unfolding, we here at Reflected Images have been implementing new procedures and policies to ensure our safety and the community around us to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

In accordance with Maryland State COVID-19 guidelines, we have CLOSED our facilities to the public. We will monitor our doors/facility via camera monitoring for deliveries and related. Please call, email and or text 443-740-5846 for more information. We are also implementing a “curb-side” drop off and pick up, if our clients we request. Our transportation services will be available as well.

As of today, we are and will continue to have normal working hours via phone, email and text and will plan to do so, unless directed by proper state/federal authorities. We are of course still taking appointments and plan to service our clients with our highest level of craftsmanship that will have always provided. There will and may be certain restrictions. Please remember to bear with us, as we are in this together.

Reflected Images has made it mandatory to implement the use of 210degree water steam to help with the killing of interior germs and will be using the process in every vehicle. Steering wheels, door handles, shift knobs, key fobs and related will be cleaned and treated with precision and care. This process will be done upon drop off and before pickup.

The CDC, Federal Government and Local Governments have been putting into effect new standards and restrictions for most major businesses and corporations, the small businesses of America need to react as well. The COVID-19 will not be taking lightly, or ignored in our place of business.

Our employees and clientele have, do, and always will be our number one priority. The detailing industry as a whole is there clean, beautify, and protect our means of transportation, in which most of us “live” in each and every day. As we watch and listen to the spread of the virus, we are going to extreme measures to “clean” the interior environments of our shop and client’s vehicles to highest levels.

Our facility will be fully cleaned and sanitized as needed, as well as our machines, equipment and office areas. We are also asking our clients to please be patient with our new policies and time frames to ensure each and every vehicle is done properly, as to the bespoke Reflected Images standards.

Moving forward, we will be monitoring the news closely and will be posting on our social platforms and website any updates as fast as we receive them.

We will do our part to help aid our community in every possible way. God speed to all and THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and support for Reflected Images Custom Detailing.

-The RI Team