Our Bespoke Porsche Experience

Whether you have owned Porsche’s for years or just purchased a brand-new model from a Porsche Dealer, you want to get it protected ASAP. What are we protecting it from? The modern auto enthusiast is not buying any sports car to just leave in the garage, we want to DRIVE it. More than most times, a spirted drive is usually on everyone’s list of weekend afternoons plan.

When you are driving your Porsche, there are various things that will come into play. Road debris, harsh sunlight, birds (poop comes to mind), wind, rain, and whatever else the open road may through your way.

Our bespoke Porsche Experience signature treatment procedure will see to it that your Porsche is protected at its best to beat those elements.

Old or brand new, this procedure will fit any model, shape and form. However, this is specifically designed for the Porsche platform. Starting with a full vehicle inspection, decon prep, paint measurements to the final Ceramic Coating stage, it has everything the modern owner is looking for to protect his investment. We also recommend the installation of Paint Protection Film for the high impact areas on the exterior of the Porsche. PPF will ensure proper protection from the road debris, rock chips and track debris.

Our procedure will ensure all the vulnerable areas are treated. Exterior to the Interior, Wheels to the Calipers, Motor to the Glass…it’s all going to get protected. We only use the absolute best products, chemicals, and techniques to suit the Porsche. Reflected Images has hand- picked and chosen the most exclusive and luxurious brands to install.

Reflected Images is a proud member of the PCA and has hosted events for the clubs. We have performed this package on 100+ Porsches to date, we have the knowledge and understanding of what these cars need.

Visit our website and click under the RI Porsche Experience, for the entire procedure outline and pricing. Click, call or email us for a very thorough discussion of what we recommend for your Porsche.

-The RI Team

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