Restore Your Ride With Our Automotive Paint Correction Service In Rockville MD

At Reflected Images Custom Detailing, we know how important it is for vehicles to be just as aesthetically appealing as they are high-performing. Our automotive paint correction service in Rockville MD is perfect for anyone who’s unhappy with the look of their car, truck, crossover, or SUV, and who wants both a convenient and long-lasting way to resolve the problem. If you’re currently looking for reputable paint protection film installers near me, read on to find out how we can help you restore your vehicle’s original look and beautify.

We offer paint correction and ceramic coating for show cars, historic autos, luxury autos, exotics, hot rods, and more. It makes no sense to refine every other aspect of your automobile and then overlook its most visible feature. Quality finishes make vehicles stand out. If you have a show car or one that you just like to show off, we can give it the professional, end-to-end paint treatment that it deserves.

Our team is well-versed in automotive restoration and we can give your auto the finishing touches that will make it truly stand out. We have a state-of-the-art facility and we only use the most cutting-edge equipment, tools, and materials when performing our work. This allows for truly superior results and looks and value that are guaranteed to stand the tests of time.

We also offer total automotive detailing. These services are great if you’re just finishing a restoration project, have recently purchased a used vehicle, or intend to sell or trade yours in soon. We can install aftermarket and OEM accessories, remove seats and clean beneath them, thoroughly clean all carpeting, and remove debris from glove compartments, door compartments, seat pouches and more. No matter what year you own, we’ll have it looking like it just rolled off the assembly line when we’re done.

Our protective paint films (PPFs) are great for keeping well-traveled vehicles protected from the ravages of the elements, corrosive road applications such as salts or brine, and more. Whether you’re looking to prevent paint damage or reverse it, our team has got you covered. Call 443-740-5846 today to schedule an appointment!

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