Understanding The Steps Of The Automotive Paint Enhancement Process

If your car does not require a full paintwork correction service, you should perhaps schedule an enhancement job. This is simply a single-stage process that involves machine polish designed to revamp the shine and gloss of the paintwork. One prime perk of scheduling for professional automotive paint enhancement is that the service is effective yet inexpensive.

Over time, your car may develop a hazy, lifeless, and dull finish on its paintwork. This often happens because of surface scratches and light wash marring. One way to revive the good aesthetics of the paint job and also protect it from further damage is to schedule for paintwork enhancements.

The first step is to hand wash your vehicle thoroughly. We will also do clay baring to eliminate contaminants and leave the surface as slick and smooth as possible. Before we move to the next step, we will ensure that each area is smooth to the touch. If it is not, this could jeopardize the final outcome of a project.

After cleaning your vehicle and ensuring the paintwork is in its best possible state, the next step is to take a close look at the paint. We will choose the most ideal polish to use based on the concerns that need addressing. Usually, certain polishes do an ideal job of removing light swirls. Others are quite powerful at removing oxidation and bringing the gloss and shine back to life.

Finally, we can now use a machine to rub the polish until we achieve a perfect finish. When dealing with minor scratches and oxidation issues, your ride will look as good as new by the time the project is complete. Unfortunately, we may not achieve the best outcome when working on too many swirls and heavy scratches. To address such problems, it may be necessary to schedule a complete paintwork correction service.

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