Top Four Preparations Necessary For An Excellent Ceramic Paint Coating Service In Owing Mills MD

Are you looking for Ceramic Paint Coating Service in Baltimore? Reflected Images has the best Ceramic Paint Coat installation Service in Baltimore and surrounding cities! Call 443-740-5846 today to schedule an appointment! Acquiring a vehicle remains a worthwhile milestone that nearly every person yearns to achieve at one point in life. A car enhances comfort and convenience in various ways to everyone who acquires it. However, it needs proper maintenance to remain operational and serve its purpose without any hitches. Excellent professional maintenance is necessary to help you keep your automobile in such a state. Proper care begins with installing a quality protective coat that ensures its surface remains in pristine condition. The discussion below outlines the top preparations that experts do for a successful Ceramic Paint Coating Service in Owing Mills MD.

Comprehensive Car Wash

We always start off any coating process by washing the car thoroughly to remove any grime, dirt and dust. The process involves the use of a soapy cleaning slate free of wax and gloss. The aim is to remove any stubborn grime from the surface we intend to coat. Ceramic coating bonds with the paintwork properly when the surface is free of any residue. We wash the automobile extensively to eliminate any residue that may act as a barrier between the paintwork and the coat we install.


Our experts will clay your vehicle once it is clean to clear any surface contamination that the initial washing may have left. Such an extensive elimination of dirt ensures we clear any unwanted materials that may otherwise be sealed beneath the automotive paint coating we install on your paintwork for years to come. We understand the extent of damage the dirt can cause on your paintwork if left unchecked during the protective coat installation. We thus use claying to ensure we do not subject your car to such conditions.


Every vehicle that comes to us for a paint protection coat must pass through proper polishing for relevant correction. It is imperative to note that even your new car will require this service for excellent coat installation. Polishing the paintwork will help us perfect the surface gloss and correct imperfections without locking any scratch or swirl under the coat. It can be a real headache to you trying to clear the scratches without interfering with the protection cover.


Wiping is the last step we take after washing, cleaning and perfecting your car as we prepare to install the coat. We wipe down to clear any waxes, oils and silicon that may be on the your vehicle surface. The process involves the use of clean microfiber cloth to remove sealants and glazes as we prepare the car for the ceramic paint coating installation. Our highly committed installers will finish the work by installing the coat you need to protect your car at all times.

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