Why Go For CQuartz Ceramic Coatings

Car owners always wish to retain that gleaming look their car had when it was new. But due to harsh external elements, the paint usually fades, making it look older than it really is. Did you know that you can protect the original paint of the car by applying a ceramic coating? The car will always have that shine, making it look as good as new. Here are the reasons why you should go for CQuartz ceramic coatings.

To protect your car paint, you need to coat it. A paint coating can last between one to three years that is dependent on the type of brand. Ceramic cover can protect the paint of a car for up to five years before it needs replacements. A wax or sealant, on the other hand, only last for just a few months. Applying this type of cover takes time; we first clean your car surface to remove debris, swirl marks, and dirt. It is only after this that an easy application of glaze is done.

The cover will protect your vehicle paint by acting as a shield against various paint damaging sources. For instance, the covering has a hydrophobic feature that allows the surface to shed and bead water. The cover will also protect this surface from chemicals, scratches, and UV rays. The cover will not fade or peel off due to these damaging sources.

The covering will cause liquids, chemicals, and debris to bounce off more easily from the vehicle surface. Dirt and debris will have a harder time sticking on the surface, making the vehicle stay clean longer. This does not mean you do not take it for washing at all.

To enjoy and experience the advantages this type of covering has to offer, it has to be applied by Reflected Images Detailing. We provide exceptional coating services to keep your car paint looking fresh all the time. Call us now for more information.

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